My Journey And What I Learned From Yoga

Hi Friends!  I didn’t always love yoga. But a couple of years ago, I met Laura Bailey, a yoga teacher.  The things I learned from yoga and Laure have changed my life.

Things I learned from yoga

Laura is a yoga teacher at Studio Thirty A on 30A.  (You can check out my post on 30 A here.) I had actually gone to a boot camp type class.  After class, I was getting ready to leave and Laura was there preparing for her Yoga class.  She said I should try it out.  To be honest with you, I wanted to try yoga but I was intimated.  But since Laura was so nice and encouraging I thought I would give it a try.

Laura Bailey Yoga

The next day, I showed up to her class.  This wasn’t the first time I had taken a yoga class but this class was so different than any yoga class I had taken before.  The music was current and energizing.  Laura was engaging with everyone and encouraging.  One of my favorite things is the way Laura teaches.  She doesn’t necessarily call the move by its name (for example Warrior 1) she describes the move. This is so helpful, especially for a newbie.

After taking yoga from Laura for over a year, I decided I wanted to get certified to teach yoga.  I wasn’t sure if I would ever teach, but I was hungry to know more about yoga and the lifestyle. What I learned from yoga has enhanced my life.

The Five Things I Learned From Yoga

  1. Yoga is a lifestyle. Yoga is way more than just exercise.  It may start on the mat but the things I have learned on my mat, I take in my everyday life and apply them. Check this article out from Yoga Journal.
  2. Breathe.  When I first started yoga, I realized there were so many times I was holding my breath on and off the mat.  Especially when I was stressed.  My life was so stressful at this point in my life trying to navigate the road of caregiver for my step-father.  Check my post out here.
  3. Finding my balance. Balance in life is essential.  I knew this but when you are on the yoga mat it becomes more noticeable.  In order for us to be balanced in our body and life, we have to work on it.  Check out my post here on “A Healthy Life Is A Balanced Life”.
  4. Listen to your body. Your body will tell you what it needs or doesn’t need if you truly listen.  I noticed the more yoga I practiced, whether it was actually taking a class, going through a flow on my own, or just meditating, I was more aware of the choices I made.  Especially on food.  Instead of just grabbing something I became more mindful.  I also was able to listen to my body and see when to push myself harder in exercise and when to back off.
  5. Have fun – don’t take life too seriously.  This is probably one of my favorite things about Laura’s class that she has taught me.  She uses the term “play yoga”.  I love that term.  Some yoga classes I have gone to everyone is so serious.  I like to play and have fun.  There is always a time to get serious about some things but not in yoga class.  Enjoy life and play!

Laura bailey yoga

Have you ever tried yoga before?  If you are down in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida this summer be sure to go see Laura Bailey at Studio Thrity A.  Tell her I sent you.

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