Prepping For A Lifestyle Change

So you have decided to make a lifestyle change.  What is next?

Lifestyle Change

The number one thing you need to get right is your MINDSET.  You have decided.  You are ready.  Now get your mind ready.

Actions To Take Today For Your Lifestyle Change

Stay positive.  Do not let any of your negative self-talk get in the way.  Instead of “I ate too many carbs today” say “I did my workout today and tomorrow I will focus on reducing my carbs.”  Shoot for progress over perfection.

Plan ahead.  If you are trying to change your eating habits then you have to think ahead.  Plan your menu out for the week. Check out this post. Think through what you are going to eat.  Go to the grocery store and stock up on the things you will need.

Know your WHY.  If you know why you want to make this lifestyle change then you can always come back to that if you get derailed along the way.  How do you find your WHY?  Ask yourself these questions.

  1. What will my life look like when I make this lifestyle change?
  2. How will it affect me?
  3. How will it affect those around me?

How are you going to make this lifestyle change? Know the steps it will take to make this change.  It usually takes a few steps to make a change.  Joining a program like my BALANCE program helps outline all of the steps you need.  If you don’t have a specific program you are joining then write out the steps you will need to follow to make this change.

Find support.  To make a lifestyle change you will need support from someone to help hold you accountable.  Who in your life can you ask to help you?  Have you found your tribe? In BALANCE it is a community, a tribe, of like-minded women to support you to be your very best.  As your coach, I am there to hold you accountable.

I would love to hear what lifestyle changes you are making.  Share them below in the comments.  Go for it today!  What are you waiting on?



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