What Supplements Should Every Woman Take?

“What supplements should every woman take?”

This a question that comes up often. There are certain supplements we could all benefit from, like Vitamin D. Yet, because each one of us is different, the supplements that one woman needs will vary. Consulting your doctor to find out what supplements you should take is a great starting point. Your doctor will help you determine the right combination of supplements that won’t interfere with any prescription medications you may be on. 

As you can see, there is no right answer to the question, “what supplements should every woman take?” After consulting with my functional medicine doctor, the following supplements were recommended for me based on my lab results.


What supplements should every woman take


Doctor Recommended Supplements I take


Other Supplements I take

These were not doctor recommended but I take them as well.

  • Relevate – restores nutrients that are vital for lifelong brain health. use code Deanna15 for 15% off.
  • Magnesium BreakThrough to feel calm, sleep better and improve virtually every function in your body.

Speaking with your functional medicine doctor can give you great insight into your body and the specific supplements you need to optimize your health. Make that appointment!


More Resources on Supplement Use in Midlife

Book recommendations
Intermittent Fasting Transformation by Cynthia Thurlow, NP

The Upgrade – How the Female Brain Gets Stronger and Better In Midlife and Beyond by Louann Brizendine Md



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Well and Worthv Life Podcast – Reclaim your health with functional medicine


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