When Menopause Starts & Other FAQ’s on Menopause

As I’ve said time and time again, my mission is to normalize the conversation around menopause. For so many years this conversation has been very hush, leaving women feeling lost and alone. I want to offer as much support and resource as I can for those of you coming after me. 

In this post I’ll break down 3 common questions I get on the topic of menopause.

When Menopause starts and other FAQ’s on Menopause

How do you know when menopause starts?

Many women ask me, “how do I know when menopause starts? The best way to tell is if you’ve gone 12 months without a period. Menopause is just one day, the day that marks that 12 months without a period. After that date, you are post-menopausal.

If it hasn’t been 12 months without a period but you are experiencing menopausal symptoms you are in perimenopause. The amount of time each woman is in perimenopause varies along with the symptoms experienced.  To dive in further, read my older post, the 3 stages of menopause in women.

Not sure if you’re officially in menopause because of an IUD or you’ve had an ablation? The best way to find out would be to have your doctor or gynecologist do blood work to determine.

Another great resource to dive further into perimenopause and menopause is a podcast I recently listened to with Cynthia Thurlow and Dr. Louann Brizendine.


What do you think about hormone therapy?

This is another question many women ask me and I’m all for it. I know over the years there was a lot of controversy around it with people concerned it was causing cancer but the study that determined that has actually been proven wrong. I won’t go into that whole conversation here but through the wisdom of trusted professionals, I feel very comfortable with it. 

There is a lot out there and if you ask a variety of doctors you’ll hear a variety of answers on the topic so my advice is to go with what works best for you.

I personally use a bioidentical cream and a progesterone pill, this works best for me. There are other forms like patches, pills, and pellets.  Find what is best for you.

Be sure to tune into this season of my podcast as you’ll hear a lot of different opinions from doctors on what kind is best. It may give you insight into what direction you want to try.

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How do you stay motivated through menopause?

A lot of people ask me how to get motivated when menopause starts to kick in. It’s true, when you’re going through perimenopause you can lose your mojo and that is really challenging. The motivation to do what you once enjoyed seems to have disappeared and you’re left searching for answers.  

What I often remind people is it goes back to the basic lifestyle factors. Are you getting enough sleep? How’s your mindset? We have to do those simple things to set ourselves up for success. 

If you wait for motivation to kick in before you take action, you’ll be waiting a long time. The best approach is to create small habits in your day that you can act on. As you take action, the motivation will follow.

What other questions do you have about perimenopause or menopause? I want this to be a space of support and guidance! 


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