Holiday Gift Guide For Him

Last year was my first year to write gift guides as a blogger.  The “Holiday Gift Guide for Him” is hard for me to come up with things because I have 3 boys and they are all very different.  Then put my husband in the mix and well he is different from them as well.

So I decided this year for the “Holiday Gift Guide For Him” I would go right to one of my best resources, my oldest son, C.J. Adams.  You might remember him from this post.

Holiday Gift Guide For Him

C.J.’s Holiday Gift Guide For Him

My mom asked me to put together a gift guide for men, though I think that was really just a ploy to figure out what she could buy me for Christmas. After all, I have been known to be fairly difficult to shop for…..

Holiday Gift Guide For Him

So, let’s get started, shall we?

1. iPhone charging pad– I didn’t know how lazy I was until one of my colleagues gave me one of these…..I promptly ordered one for every room of my house and my office. Chances are pretty good that your guy would like a few too.

2. Moscow Mule Cups-The holidays are known to be kind of stressful. Family is together. Alcohol is consumed. Fights break out. While these cups might not prevent a fight, at least your guy will look classy when he throws his drink in his brother’s face.

3. Ironwood and Turquoise Knife-Sure, it does the same thing  as a Swiss Army knife, but it looks a heck of a lot cooler.

4. Sous Vide Machine-Does he like to cook? Does he love the latest gadgets? While I’ve never used a sous vide machine, my friend Johnny loves his and says it is the best kitchen accessory he’s used since his in-laws bought him a panini press in 2006.

5. Common Projects Sneakers-Striking the perfect balance between the Converse sneaker that he grew up with and actually looking like a grown up, he’ll feel right at home in these sneakers.

6. Sid Mashburn belt-You know how people get all excited about Shark Week, your husband, brother, uncle, son, or distant cousin Ray will show the same enthusiasm when this belt is under the tree.

7. Royal Highnies– Lounge Pants-I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t wearing these right now. They’re simply the softest pair of pants I’ve ever worn.

8. Land Rover Defender Print-He wants a Land Rover Defender, but chances are he’s not going to get one. Give him this for his office, so that he can continue to dream.

9. Porsche Track Experience-In the movie Rush, it is said that “Men love women, but even more than that, men love cars.” So, why not give your guy the gift of an unforgettable experience of driving one of the greatest cars of all time around in circles?

10. Persol Sunglasses-Pair these with the aforementioned Porsche Track Experience and the man in your life will be channeling his inner Steve McQueen faster than you can swipe his credit card.

11. Rolex Daytona-There are watches and then there is Rolex. It is the most iconic watch of all time and the Daytona is what Paul Newman wore. You want your husband to be like Paul Newman, don’t you?

12. Beach House-Okay….so this one is a little self-serving, as I am a realtor on 30A, and this is one of the houses that I have listed. That being said, he wants a beach house, and you do too. That’s what we call a win-win.


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