The Self-Care Gift Guide For The Busy Mom

As I have been working with women in my health coaching business the number one thing I hear is that they are too busy to take care of themselves.  They do not actually admit that, but they are always talking about all the things they have to do.  And guess what?  When they cancel something they usually cancel on themselves FIRST.

So I have put together The Self-Care Gift Guide For The Busy Mom for the Mom that needs to take care of herself.  The Mom who needs to prioritize her life with some self-care. Show her how much you love her by telling her to take care of her self.

Self-Care Gift Guide

The Self-Care Gift Guide For The Busy Mom

Taking time to unwind is a great way to practice self-care.  Taking a bath or just sitting by yourself.  These items would be perfect paired together or just one with a little note telling her how much you love her and would like for her to take time for herself.


One of the number one thing women struggle with is getting enough sleep. Sleep is so important to our overall health.  Why not give her one of these so that she can get a good night’s sleep.


Taking the time to exercise.  You could buy her a package of classes from her favorite boutique fitness studio or maybe even a gym membership.  Check out “The Healthy Girl’s Gift Guide“. Here are some other items she would love.


Eating healthy is definitely a form of self-care. When she is so busy, she may forget to eat.  This Nutribullet blender will help her whip up her favorite smoothie. Maybe you even want to print some smoothie recipes like the Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie or a Low-Carb Green Smoothie.

Is she just too busy to dry her hair?  Well, maybe she really isn’t that busy but I have been told that this hairdryer cuts down time on drying your hair.  It was on my gift guide last year too.

Does she love to read? But she hasn’t taken the time, lately. What about giving a warm cozy blanket, these readers, a book, and a note to tell her to take time for herself. Here are some of my favorite books this year.



I am not a big fan of giving appliances for gifts but if it helps her to be more efficient in the kitchen then I am all for it.  A crockpot and instant pot cut down on my time in the kitchen.


Is she a spa girl at heart?  Get her a gift certificate to her favorite spa or if you don’t know her favorite spa give her a spa finder gift card that can be used at over 25,000 spa’s worldwide.

Are you tight on money, this year? Or does she already have all of these things?  Then give her the gift of time.  Write her a note and give her the day off.  Tell her you will take care of everything she needs to do that day.



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