Floral Prints Should They Stay Or Should They Go

So how are you feeling about the floral print fashion trend?  It doesn’t look like it is going anywhere for awhile.  We have been seeing this trend for some time now and according to what I have seen it will be here at least through the fall.

Floral trends

It really is all in the way you wear it.  I know some people just will not wear it no matter what, but I think you should try it before you just say “no way”.  It wasn’t really my thing either but I have found a way that I like to wear floral fashion.  In fact, I did another post on floral print trends here.

The Manhattan Belle (Conner) and I have teamed up to show you how to wear floral fashion every day.  I love Connor’s top and jeans.  They look great together or I would love the jeans with a simple white t-shirt.

Floral print trends

I love the bright colors on my top.  It just makes me happy.  I would pair this top with some white or blue denim cutoffs for a more casual look.  Good news this top is on sale.

Floral print trends

Floral Print Fashion Trend

Here are some more tops that I love:


Stripe Fashion Trend

My favorite trend for summer is stripes.  I could wear stripes all the time. Here is my wishlist for stripes:


Palm Print Fashion Trend

Now the palm print fashion trend is everywhere!  I just bought some leggings for my upcoming trip to the Revitalize Conference with this print.  I can’t wait to wear them. Here are some of my favorite ways to wear the palm print.

 What is your favorite trend for summer?

Floral print

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