My Journey Through Menopause

Well, it is official as of last summer I am in menopause.  It is kind of like a right of passage. I have been on this journey through menopause for a few months now but I actually feel better today than I did a couple of years ago.

If you have been following me you may have read how I lost 10 pounds around August 2017.  I started putting on weight around my middle and it felt like someone had taken and blown an innertube up right around my belly.  It was unusual for me to put weight on around my belly, it usually showed up in my legs.

FASTer Way to Fat Loss and Menopause

However, when I owned Pure Barre I watched all of the women come in, especially the older women and I noticed their extra weight was around their midsection.  As this started happening to me, I thought well this is how it is going to be.

Also, around this time I felt bloated, low energy, hard time sleeping, and low sex drive.  Yes, I just said it, my libido was off!  I had only been married a couple of years so this was NOT a good thing.

After I lost my weight, I felt better in my clothes however I still had low energy, hard time sleeping, and low sex drive. Then came FASTer Way To Fat Loss that changed my life.  It has been a gradual change but there is definitely been a shift in my journey through menopause.

How FASTer Way to Fat Loss Changed My Journey

In FASTer Way To Fat Loss, we use intermittent fasting, carb cycling, and whole food nutrition to fuel our bodies so that we become fat burners and our bodies work the most efficiently.   By the time I started really living the FASTer Way I had already lost the weight but I wanted to feel better overall and keep the weight off.

Through using these techniques I have more energy, better sleep, and my sex drive even improved!! My husband is thankful for that. I am sure it is still not where he would like it to be.

I was listening to a podcast yesterday The Remedy by Tova Sido.  She had her GYN doctor on talking about menopause and all of the symptoms and problems.  I couldn’t help but think everyone that is going through menopause or perimenopause needs to adapt to this way of life.

My Journey Through Menopause

Are you interested in this lifestyle on your journey through menopause? Do you want more information on FASTer Way To Fat Loss?  Click here to register for my next round and start living your best life!

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