The Slip Dress – A Great Transitional Basic Look For Fall

The slip dress is my new favorite basic for fall.  It can be worn so many ways and dressed up or down.

 Slip Dress

One of the most important things for me right now is that it is cool.  Since I have just entered menopause, I am having some hot flashes and that is not a good thing especially since it still feels like summer in Alabama. The high was 92′ yesterday!

Great Transitional Basic Look

Slip Dress

Slip Dress

When I am dressing I like to start with basics and then add layers and accessories from there.  The slip dress is perfect for that.  It can be dressed up or down.  This dress that I am wearing, I especially love!  Navy is a great color and it is so basic. I am wearing it with my sneakers here but the other night I wore it out to a cocktail party with navy heels that I got from Gus Mayer Shoes. I would wear these heels with it too.

Here are some other slip dresses I love:



When it gets a little cooler I will probably wear it with this leather jacket I have or I might wear it with a cardigan like these.



I have seen some people put a fitted t-shirt under slip dresses also.  That could be a great look especially this shirt under a black slip dress. I am all about some leopard as you can see from this post.

It is easy to change the whole look with just accessorizing a little different each time.  This is what I would put with it to be edgy.


This is how I would wear it to be a little more tailored and classic.



I could even go with a bohemian look by adding these accessories.



Building your wardrobe is really about collecting some basic items and then adding to it each season.  Check out this post on Starting With The Basics.

The Slip Dress


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